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SAG Awards 2008


Brad and Angelina ARE that perfect and beautiful. They are a supernova of hotness. Her dress was gorgeous. Preggers? Looks like it. They were snoogly all night.

I want to marry Ryan Gosling and have a million of his babies. Last year, he and Rachel show up in a Prius. This year, he heard fans screaming his name across the street. He was the only celeb to go across the street and take pics and sign autographs. Also, I don't know who he brought with him (maybe a sister), but she was cute and normal looking.

John Turturro tried to give me his ID; he thought I was checking him in, but I was just directing.

Casey Affleck (Afflack) asked me where the bathroom was and where he could smoke. Blair Underwood asked me where the bathroom was. John Larroquette grabbed and squeezed my elbow as he walked past. I don't know why. It was odd. Marion Cotillard's man asked me where they could smoke. She's very beautiful.

At one point, Vanessa Redgrave and Sally Field were basically standing in line to meet Marion. That was kinda surreal.

For the last 20 minutes of the show, Jeremy Piven stood in front of me. I think he looked at my rack a few times. Or he was just looking down at me cuz I'm short.

As hot/pretty as you think (chicks): Rebecca Romijn, Cate Blanchett (she goes either way but she's preggers and luminous), Amanda Bynes, Olivia Wilde (has a fivehead but her features are stunning), Jenna Fischer, Diane Lane, Carla Gugino.

As hot/pretty as you think or maybe hadn't and were surprised: Adrian Grenier (his eyes are that blue), Javier Bardem (who knew? but he had a hot man presence), Justin Chambers (who was smashed), Ryan Gosling, Denis Leary (huh, and his son is tallll), Josh Brolin (Brand from the Goonies??)

There's so many more that I can't remember. My coworker Loy asked Zac Efron if he could get him a drink, and Zac said naw, cuz he's only 20. Awwww. He was sweet.

Ummm, that's all I got. Until I remember more later.

There were a ton of peeps at the after party. Normally, they leave pretty early. But with the strike, they aren't working. When I left, Sara Ramirez (Gray's Anatomy), Ben Foster (XMen 3, 3:10 to Yuma, Alpha Dog), Zac Efron (High School Musical), and Joey Fatone (N'Sync) were still there.

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