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I had gum grafting surgery on Wednesday. It wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't horrid either. Going to the dentist has never bothered me. I pop on some headphones and drift into my own world. I almost fell asleep at my last cleaning. 

My gums have receded. Luckily, this was not the result of something I should've done or could've prevented. It's from having braces, grinding my teeth, and being an aggressive brusher. Okay, I probably could've worked on being a more gentle brusher. The pain wasn't too bad; an Aleve took care of that. I've got pink gum junk covering the stitches until next Wednesday. And then in a few weeks I have to have the other side done. 

I've also decided to begin looking for a new job. SAG was supposed to be a temp job until I got my bearings. I just happened to get the coolest boss ever, and she's the reason I've stayed this long. I'm not looking forward to starting over, but I know this is what I need to do. My depression is getting worse instead of remaining stable or improving and changes need to be made. Not fun but necessary. Isn't that how it always is.
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