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2009 15th SAG Awards

It's a week later, but I thought I'd finally post about my 4th year working the SAG Awards. Same job - announcing arrivals, pulling winners from the audience if they had to be reseated for another award.

Announcing arrivals - Fun. I'm right where the limos drop off everyone and (as my coworker put it) each car contains a surprise. You never know who's going to be inside. Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and her man, who I loved on a episode of "Undeclared", got there at the beginning and hung around for about 20 minutes canoodling. She's gorgeous, and I love that she looks like she eats more than cocaine.

I think I've become jaded because I wasn't super excited about seeing anyone. Except for "Uncle Jack Bass" Desmond Harrington. I squeed a little when he got there. I had forgotten that he would be with the "Dexter" cast.  Brad and Angie were, again, hawt. Mickey Rourke was high as a kite with a limo full of pot smoke. I was happy to find out Alec Baldwin brought his daughter and not some underage (though very tall) tart as we speculated for a bit.

Most of the women are grossly skinny which really detracts from their beauty, in my opinion. I might understand why they starve themselves, but I find it very sad.

During the show - I didn't do anything. Stood next to Frank Langella and Gary Oldman for awhile. My cohort had to pull Hugh Laurie and Meryl Streep for press. I went to pull Sean Penn, but the show had just ended, and by the time I got to his table, he was long gone. Ended up standing next to Kate Winslet stuck while she was surrounded by photographs. Also, she is stunning.

If you saw the show, you might have seen Meryl Streep running up to get her award like she was the next contestant on The Price is Right. He jubilance continued, and she, and her family, were dancing up a storm at the after party.

After Party - some band with Mickey Dolenz played. They were alright. The food was excellent - or maybe I was just really hungry. No, that Wolfgang Puck mac and cheese is heavenly. Danced a little, had a drink, got my swag bag, then left.

All-in-all - fun and tiring, and if I'm still at SAG next year (please no), apparently, I'm guaranteed my jobs for life.
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