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Once Again...

It's that time of year. I'm working the SAG Awards in two weeks. Hopefully, it'll be my last - please let me find a new job, please let me find a new job. I have a different job this year. Well, as of right this second I do; it can always change. It's way more responsibility but also might be more fun. At least, I hope so.

As usual, though, I'm all about the swag bag and free food at the afterparty.

In other me news, I'm editing and revising the book I wrote during NaNo. I hope to submit it to some publishers this year once I'm done. Hey, the worst they can say is 'no', right? Trying to find a new job in this crappy economy is not going so well. Shocking, I know. My car has something majorly wrong with it but cannot be fixed until it dies. Thanks unhelpful dealer guys! I feel super safe driving around Los Angeles in a 2000 lb time bomb.

Goals For 2010:
sell book
new job
move (either apartments or states - either will work)
begin 2nd book

Ehh, that's about it.
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