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2010 16th Annual SAG Awards Post-Game Wrap-Up

This might have been the most fun I had at the SAG Awards in ever. My new job was assisting the Head of PR along with my friend/co-worker who's been doing it the last 3 years. I was super nervous because I'd heard she could be snappy and I had to attempt to memorize all the nominees.

Turns out I worried for naught because she was awesome and the job was awesome and it was, in short, an awesome day. I had to be there at 10 am (volunteers who aren't assistants get there around 2 pm) so that sucked. We had a PR meeting where everyone talked about which nominees had to be reseated and couldn't go to press and just going over the logistics of the backstage area. Since I've always been in the actual ballroom during a show (waiting to pull a reseated winner) this was the first time I got to see the backstage mechinations of a show. Very interesting.

Around 2:30 we went down to the red carpet. Niecy Nash was the first celeb to arrive (waaay early, the red carpet was barely open) but I saw girlfriend dancing on a couch at the afterparty when I left at 11 pm, so she was clearly making a day of it. We stood right after security where PR Lady would greet each nominee as they arrived and tell them who she was and if they won the award she would be waiting for them as they exited the stage. She knew the big people, but we would feed her the names and shows of everyone else. It was pretty cool.

Stuff I got to see at that spot:
Justin Timberlake gushing to Morgan Freeman who rubbed the back of his hand on JT's beard.
Skarsgard who is twelve feet tall (or thereabouts).
Alec and Billy Baldwin hanging out talking to someone I can't remember for about 20 minutes before leaving the security area. Then Alec yelling out Billy! when he wasn't following.
My former love Pacey, er, Joshua Jackson just beaming around Diane Kruger. They are very cute together.  
I almost ended up escorting Kristin Bauer (Pam on True Blood) around the red carpet but PR Lady grabbed a TNT person at the last minute to do so.

She was probably able to greet about 80% of the people. And yes, everyone is way too skinny and prettier/more handsome in person. It's disgusting! We tried to wait for Nicole Kidman but had to leave to get backstage b/c Nik was late. I also never saw Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon b/c they got there late too.

Backstage PR lady waits sidestage for each winner and walks them to press. Since I shadowed her, I walked with them too. Or, if it was a large cast (looking at you Glee), we "herded the cats" back to press. I'm not going to lie, backstage was cool. I stood next to Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson as Sandra Bullock approached them and bitched about how skinny and beautiful they were. Clearly Sandy hasn't looked in a mirror lately b/c she is the same. Also, they are all crazy tall; I know I'm short but it was like an ant looking at a sunflower. Justin Timberlake told Keith Urban he wants to work with him. I also had access to the green room where the presenters wait. There is good food in there.

Drew Barrymore had a meltdown after she won her award. Not in the freakout sense, in the she totally withdrew into herself for over five minutes kind of way. People kept radioing trying to find out where she was, and we kept replying that she needed a few moments to collect herself. She was still back there when Mo'Nique won and came over to watch her acceptance speech with us. Also, earlier in the day, I stepped on Drew's dress. She didn't notice since there were so many people around, but I did it.

And Clooney. He really does live up to the hype. He's tall, hot and very suave. He was the last presenter and closed the show and as he came off stage the photog took a few pictures. And then he almost walked right into me as he commented he had been blinded. Like a few inches away from nose to chest. PR Lady and Producer Lady both thanked him for doing the presenting and we all walked him to the afterparty. He stopped to sign some suitcase for the awards people to auction off and cracked a few jokes while doing so.

The volunteers have to wait until 8:30 to go into the afterparty (translation: until after all the cool people have left) but I had a blast once we did get in. A bunch of Glee, True Blood, Mad Men, Modern Family and The Office people were still there. Along with the aforementioned Niecy dancing on the couch the entire night, the two boys from Modern Family (Rico Rodriquez, Nolan Gould) got their dance on the majority of the night. They were too cute.

Uncle Kracker was the musical guest. Um, yeah. We joke at work on how it goes down every year. It started with John Legend, then Michael McDonald, then Mickey Dolenz, now Uncle Kracker. I swear, next year, it's going to be Rock Band and a karaoke machine. But I ate, drank, got my swag bag and had a blast.

I don't get star struck like I used to (not even with Clooney), but it's still neat to be able to see a bunch of pretty people in pretty clothes that I watch on tv and in movies all the time.
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