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17th Annual SAG Awards Post Game

I'm exhausted. My back hurts and my feet hurt and my hair is flat, but I had a great time. Same job again this year - assisting the PR Lady.

So, let's see. The red carpet entrance was a complete cluster-fuck. Too many people and the set up was bad. But I did get to see everyone in their pretty finery.

Jesse Eisenberg - total sweetheart and nice guy. Thanked PR Lady for the invitation to attend.

Jennifer Lawrence - just beautiful. Came with Nicholas Hoult. (With Patrick Stewart and January Jones there I was in X-Men character heaven.)

Rosario Dawson - still stunning but what happened to her amazing body. She's dropped a ton of weight. I remember when she was the 'curvy girl'. No more.

Jesus Bale cut his awesome hair. But he was still awesome. I adore him.

Marky Mark brought his own water. No, seriously. He walked in carrying two bottles of some special water. Told someone who asked that he couldn't drink 'that stuff'. I presume 'that stuff' was the Voss bottled water. I kinda love that he apparently just travels around with his own stash of water and carries it himself to award shows.

Paz De La Huerta is a nut job. And possibly high. Or both. But dang, she's kinda weird. And, she looked rough.

During the show, I got to go to the Green Room and see Nicole Kidman and her man hanging on the couch. Mila Kunis chilling and being stunning. LL Cool J talking to Morgan Freeman.

Steve Buscemi was floored when he won followed by Boardwalk Empire's ensemble win. He seemed really humbled by it.

Jon Hamm is just one damn fine, good-looking man. That is all.

The Modern Family cast were super excited to win. The kids were all skipping and dancing around backstage as we herded them to press. I spoke to Ariel Winter (Alex Dunphy) in the bathroom at the afterparty and she was just adorable. Said it was a dream come true to win. Her mama's raising a good girl.

My favorite thing ever to happen so far: As you may know, Justin Timberlake is a bit of a douche. I've not had any bad experiences with him, but I know last year some not very nice things were said about him and the way he treated people. Melissa Leo was coming back from press and passed The Social Network boys. JT stopped her and congratulated her on her win. She thanked him and started to leave, then turned around and stopped him and asked him if he'd ever worked on Homicide. You know, the show she was on, like, 10 years ago. JT was all, 'uhh, no', but not in a rude way. I just loved that she had no idea who he was since I heard he was douchy this year, too. My recollection of it isn't nearly as funny as it was in person.

Amy Adams is crazy sweet and stood backstage during the In Memorium segment. She was all alone so PR Lady asked if she was alright and she replied she was just paying her respects.

Colin Firth's publicist was so excited when he won then The King's Speech won that I thought she might pass out. She was pretty young and completely overwhelmed. I consoled her. But, come on, girl, you're getting giant hugs from Colin Firth. That's amazing right there. We had to hang out with The King's Speech's cast while Geoffrey Rush took a trip to the loo. They were all so gracious and British.

I'm forgetting a hundred other things that happened, but it all goes by so fast. I only stayed at the afterparty long enough to grab a tiny bit of food (not as good as the years in the past - where were my tiny cups of mac and cheese?? Where, I ask!!), have a quick drink, a few bite sized desserts, and grab my swag bag.

Because let's be honest - it's all about the swag bag.

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