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18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Again? Yes. Wasn't I supposed to have quit and moved and quit some more by now? Yes. Have I? No.

It's that time of year again - my yearly summary of my job's awards show. And since SAG is most like merging with AFTRA, the show might look different next year. (Probably not, but you never know.)

Same job - followed PR lady around, be at her beck and call, and feed her names of the nominees as they arrive so she can greet them. Then, once the show begins, we greet the winners as they come offstage and herd them to the press area.

Let's see, who caught my eye. The Game of Thones peeps. Emilia Clarke (Dany) is prettier in person than I've seen her in pictures. Jason Momoa is a beast. I mean that in a good way. Nicolaj (Jamie Lannister) is hot. Pretty and hot. Oh, and Kit Harington. Also hot. There actually weren't that many cast members present. Probably because they're all foreigners.

Brad and Angelina. I cannot describe whatever it is about them, but - Supernova of Hotness. It just is. Brad was a presenter and he was so nervous. Pacing backstage, practicing his lines. It was cute. And hot.

Rose Byrne is beautiful, but weighs approximately 35 lbs. Ashley Simpson (guest of Vincent Piazza; Boardwalk Empire) is actually quite pretty. Sadly, I recognized several people because of their guests. I knew who the Suits nominee was because his girlfriend is Troian Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars, one of my favorite shows. I was more excited to see her.

Octavia Spencer had a melt down after she won. Don Cheadle (who presented) must've fanned her for at least 5 minutes. And then she lapsed into the ugly cry, and PR lady gave her a hug. But she was very cute. Actually, when The Help won, the whole cast was all yell-y and happy and giddy. It's always fun to see a cast win because they can all celebrate together. Same thing happened with Boardwalk Empire and Modern Family. You say congrats to everyone you can as you herd them along, and it's always fun to see who thanks you and how excited they are.

Clooney? Charming as always. And Stacy Keibler is stunning. And tall.

Jean DuJardin also was overwhelmed after he won. And French.

As we were leaving, Jenna Fischer got her SWAG bag and said it weighed more than her kid. Sadly, while I will always enjoy free stuff, there wasn't a ton of awesome stuff in the bag this year. But as it is free, I'll just shut up.

Food was not for me at the afterparty. No yummy Wolfgang Puck mac and cheese. Sad face. But, as tiring as the whole day was, and as much as my feet hurt - and it's so very, very much - it was a fun night.

I'm sure more will come to me later once I've rested my poor brain. Do you know how hard it is to say Chris Lowell is from The Help and not Veronica Mars? To recognize Kyle Chandler from Homefront which aired a bazillion years ago? To keep calling Lauren Valez "Gina" when you know that's not her name but it might have been a character she played once? To know Mike Vogle because he stood behind you at Best Buy for two hours while we waited to return stuff. And he's the guy that looks like Riley Smith but isn't. It's darned annoying keeping all these folks straight in my head.

But I guess that's why PR Lady loves me and wants me back year after year.  : D
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